Now a days candidate rely upon the social sites for searching job and employers too rely upon these sites for screening appropriate candidates for a particular job profile. It is necessary for employers and candidates to have a professional profile on these social sites like LinkedIn. Even facebook and twitter that once was just used for entertainment, is now used for recruitment purposes. 92% of the companies hire through social media like LinkedIn. 66% companies used face book and 54% used twitter for recruitment.

Social media gives access to diverse range of candidates who are likely to become full- time employees in your company. 98% of 18-24 year old use social media, many of them are willing to do the job but are not getting an appropriate platform to show their qualities. It is difficult for employers to screen appropriate candidate amongst the crowd, similarly candidates find it difficult to search relevant jobs for themselves. So there must be a way to stand out of the crowd. A video resume and a video job description will help both the parties to get attention and to stand on top of everyone. For candidates, a video resume will help grabbing attention of employers and a video JD will get views of many candidates. Posting these video resumes and video JDs on social sites will give a vast exposure to both of them.

For Video CVs

A candidate’s video resume on social media like LinkedIn, face book, twitter will get noticed by more people. One can share their video resume on a social media platform and get a chance to be noticed by others. You never know may be any recruiter or HR have seen your video profile and you might get a call from them. This video resume will give a positive impact to your profile and more and more people would like to connect to you and view your profile. This will encourage other people to make a video resume and increase their chances of getting hired.

For Video JDs

Similarly as candidates, employers also want to get noticed by other people and their target audience. There are many companies that rely upon social media for their hiring process. Video job descriptions will give company a vast exposure. Sharing these videos on social media platform like linkedin, facebook, twitter, even on youtube will give a company noticeable attention amongst others.