Change is the only constant. Talking about the technology, it changes every week. Every time one thinks differently, new technology is innovated. Every new thing is not so easy to accept. Same goes with the video resume. The murmurs of video resume started in late 90s but nobody actually noticed it. It was made famous by Aleksey Vayner in 2006. He sent a video resume with a title “Impossible is nothing.” to the US investment bank. The video went viral and became a joke in the investment banking sector. After this, candidates hesitated to try with video resumes. Though there were still some individuals who appreciated this concept and proved their worth with a video resume. Some of them are Nick Belling, Shelly Cable, and Kaseem Jamal.

Till now these video resumes were used in Entertainment, Fashion and media industry where a person is judged on the basis of their personality and communication skills. But now this concept is gradually spreading into other industries as well. Employers are encouraging applicants to submit their video resume. They are also eager to see something new, unique and something that is time saving from the candidates. Video resume enhance the traditional resume. It is an add on to the paper resume. You can highlight the points which you think will get unnoticed by employer. You can tell them something unique about your personality which obviously can’t be written in your resume. A video will keep your profile for at least one minute in front of the employer. Otherwise an employer on an average spend merely 6 seconds to look at the resume and judge whether the candidate is fit for the job or not. One cannot judge someone’s potential in just 6 seconds. An employer can judge from a video resume whether the candidate is fit for their organization in every aspect. May be the qualification or experience of candidate is not what we need but the personality, communication skills and attitude is exactly what we need for the company. Here video resume makes the difference because a paper resume can only reflect your writing skills. Candidate should always send their written resume along with the video resume so that the employer can judge your profile on different aspects. For them having a good addition in their team leads to the development of the organization.