Why should we go For a Professional Video instead Of Recording a Self Video?

In simple terms if we will talk about video resume then it can be said that it a short video of maximum 1 minutes in which job seeker seeks for employment and describes his skills ,persona and work experience to recruiters or employers through a recorded video. while creating video resume, it is always keep in mind that video resume is not going to get you a job it just a attempt to get your job, However it can only assist you to advertise yourself to recruiters if it is done right then it can make your probability of interview, but if it is done wrongly then it can easily knock you out from the market and embraces you.

When a job seeker seeks for the employment he try all his best efforts to get hired, but in spite of all best efforts he cannot be able to get a job according to his skills and persona. This is the time when an individual move ahead and get into some creative and eye catching thing to get hired.

1. One should go for a professional video resume instead of self recorded resume because a professionally recorded resume will leave a better impact of picture and sound quality as comparison to self recorded resume.

2. Professionals know that what and up to what extent the information and hint should be given in video which can be quite enough for the recruiters to know about the candidate, irrelevant information should always be misleading to recruiters.

3. Often, when we self record video, most of the humans are not camera friendly, get nervous and give fidget looks which especially looks bad on camera and more noticeable while watching on a screen, we can avoid such mistakes by taking a help of professionals.

4. When we self record our video we generally do not give emphasis on the background sound, dress up ,quality of sound etc, due to this our video does not seems like professional and it will not be taken seriously. Professional’s advices us to stand out with credentials and great personality not with the unpleasant tricks.

5. Few people just make their self video resume as they are reading out an script, just wait you are wasting your time, because they are not aware about the tactics of making video resume, professionals will guide you that you should talk as if it as a conversation and be prepared and confident.