The basic concept in recruitment process is that a company needs manpower to complete certain tasks and achieve the estimated goals. For this they need to hire people who can help them in growing. The first step in finding the right employee is to know what you need. Job description is the result of analysis – it is the whole process of identifying and determine what qualities, skills, qualification and capabilities you want in your new employee. After analyzing what are the job duties, what actually you want from your new hire, job descriptions are designed. Job descriptions differ from company to company no matter if the post is same. Each company needs an employee who can better understand their company values and mission.

As candidates convince the employers to hire them, similarly recruitment team of a company describe the aspects of a job in order to convince the best candidates and top quality prospects to apply. A multinational corporation, for example, may have job descriptions that are far more formal and detailed in their contents than those used by a small local business. A study by TheLadders found that the average prospect spends only 50 seconds on a job posting description before moving on. They spend only 22 additional seconds reading the ones that cover a job that they have decided to apply for (meaning that they apply for jobs without knowing much about them). It should be obvious to hiring managers and recruiting leaders that if your top active prospects can’t find a combination of excitement and a good fit for themselves in a description within less than a minute, those individuals will not apply for that job at your firm.

Text job descriptions are found weak in attracting candidates. However a well crafted video job description has many benefits and moreover candidates give attention to these videos. A short video clip where the hiring manager and team members describe the exciting aspects of a particular job and show the candidates the working environment of the company. Video job descriptions will improve the recruitment results of the company. This will also put forward an image that your firm encourages the use of new innovative approaches including technology, social media etc. There are better chances of improving your knowledge and skills by joining that firm.

A video JD shows the effort of an organization to attract candidates towards their job profile. It shows that the recruitment team has spent lots of time analyzing what they actually need for their company. Job seekers actually got introduced with the person for whom they will be working. It will benefit job seekers – they will get to know the culture of the company, experience of currently working employees will attract them to apply for the job. This will make a new evolution in the recruitment process of any organization.