Have you ever asked your grandparents or parents, how they applied for job in their time. Most people seemed to just walk into the job; they didn’t even need an interview most of the times. Amazingly, candidate was able to negotiate with the company and then join with a better salary than normal. Previously, getting job and doing job both were easy. One can quite easily do one job in the morning and leave for the next in the afternoon. In the late 90s, professional paper resumes with cover letters came into trend; most organizations were receiving the applications in this way.

Time changed and so the hiring process. Social sites are now playing vital role for candidates and helping them land their dream job. Even employers rely upon these social sites for screening candidates for their profile. LinkedIn is the famous social site for recruitment purpose. All this evolution in applying and hiring process, one thing is to be noted that every time the vision is changed, we get more successful and advanced process. Now it’s again the time to change the scenario. It’s the time to “be Visualize”. It is the time of “Visume”.

A video resume also known as Visume is a short video recording in which you introduce yourself to the employer. Lasting 60 seconds, a video is a first shot to impress the employer and give him the reason for hiring you. Video resume is the enhancement of a paper resume, not the replacement. It is used to add appeal to your job application. A video resume tells what a paper resume cannot. A paper resume tells your qualification and experience but a video reflects your personality, interpersonal skills and technical skills. It helps a candidate to stand out from the crowd and increase their chances of getting hired. Employers will also give preference to the candidate who tried something different and creative and who keeps himself updated with the new technology and know how to use it effectively on time.