A company deserves all the attention it can get from their customers. This can only be done by marketing. A video is one of the most powerful tools for marketing a company in a better way. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. According to a research people tend to remember 20% of the things they hear, 30% of the things they see and approximately 70% of the things that they hear and see together.

A video gives you the opportunity to show what you are and why you are. It allows your customers to know you and your business.

SHOWS PERSONALITY: Every company believe that they are different from the competition but from the customer’s point of view each company is same. Let your customers know that how you are different from others. A video is an effective way to do that. It can highlight many things that make you different from your competition and why they should choose you above all. You can show how happy your employees are working with you.

FOCUS ON TEAM: Introducing your team members i.e. employees of the company in a video are a great way to establish a relationship with others. It will make other people easy to interact with you. They will get to know who are the people they are dealing with.

GIVES VALUE: Adding a video on your website will give value to it. Search engines interpret it as a value-added content because it is more than just plain text. People will spend more time on your website by watching the video. It can improve your search engine ratings. Website with video content grabs attention and keeps people there for approximately 6 minutes.

COMMUNICATIVE: A visual is more communicative than a plain text. The expressions and sound of a human has an amazing way of converting information into meaningful content. The body language of a person is appealing and people love to share the videos which are good in expressing.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: By showing what exactly your product is, showing testimonials of customers in a video having or used the product can demonstrate the benefits. This practice will improve your business and its productivity.

BENEFICIAL: A video will benefit those people also who are directly or indirectly linked with your company. These videos will help in building new relationships with others and vice versa. They will get more familiar with your company and the product. It will help in collaborating with other companies, that means a company in America gets to know your company, its culture and philosophy through video. This also shows your authenticity.