One stop solution for recruiter for client acquisitions

Unlock the doors for your agency with our tailored job postings from top-tier clients.

launching a comprehensive recruiting system that integrates client acquisition, resume screening, payment processing, and candidate status tracking all in one place.

Efficient Recruitment Management System

Safely connect with the appropriate job posting

Introducing comprehensive solutions for recruiters that include client acquisitions, resume screening, payment handling, and candidate status tracking all in one place. We work closely with you to understand your extraordinary hiring needs and develop a customised hiring plan that meets your requirements.

Smooth recruiting and quick response

Smooth recruiting and quick response

Our Company prides itself on facilitating seamless recruiting processes and delivering rapid response times. We generate a quick response time of 48 hours or less, ensuring seamless communication between employers and recruiters and a faster hiring process. Our expert recruiters are dedicated to ensuring your company's staffing needs are met with unparalleled precision and speed.

Timely and guaranteed payment

Timely and guaranteed payment

Our platform streamlines the hiring process, guaranteeing that recruiters are paid by the end of the same month that the candidate is hired. Our financial experts work tirelessly to ensure that all payment transactions are processed quickly and accurately, without any delays or errors.

Receive Regular Training and Real-Time Data-Driven Insights

Receive Regular Training and Real-Time Data-Driven Insights

To enhance their recruitment abilities, stay current on industry trends, and streamline their hiring process, recruiters have the opportunity to request frequent training sessions and current analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once you've successfully registered, we'll reach out to you promptly. Curious to know more? Just click the 'Click a Demo' button to explore further. It's as easy as that! Discover all the exciting features and benefits we have to offer.

Schedule a demo with us for a customized walkthrough. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at operations@hiringshop.com or call +91 9929-177-153. Our friendly customer support team is always here to assist you.

Your data security and privacy are our top priorities. Rest assured, and we have taken extensive measures to safeguard your information. Please visit our privacy policy page for more details on how we protect your data and ensure your privacy. Just click on the link below: www.hiringshop.com/privacy-policy

To make your payment hassle-free, we make sure that you receive the amount by the end of the month through a convenient bank transfer.

Our AI-powered system, complemented by the expertise of our Recruiter experience manager (REM) person, ensures that you and your team members receive a confirmed job allocation tailored to your skills and experience level.

The team size can range from a minimum of two members to an unlimited maximum, accommodating your specific needs and allowing scalability as required.

If you're interested, you can try out our demo. Once you've completed it, we'll verify your documents and proceed to create a contract between your agency and the HiringShop.

Whether you will receive job board access or not is determined by the contract that you will sign with us

A pop-up notification will appear on your screen if a CV already belongs to someone else. This handy feature ensures that you're promptly alerted when there's a potential duplication, allowing for efficient management of CV ownership.

Rest assured. Your timely payment will be legally guaranteed through a contract created when you join HiringShop. The contract will clearly outline the terms and conditions, ensuring transparency and providing all the necessary details. Don't hesitate to book a demo with us to get started on this exciting journey.

We understand your preferences and will provide you with suitable job vacancies that align with your specified limit. We aim to match you with opportunities that meet your criteria and help you find the perfect fit.

  • By choosing our services, you'll experience a reduction in the need for client coordination, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort.
  • With our ATS (Applicant Tracking System), you can enjoy the benefits of real-time tracking, which significantly reduces your efforts. By utilizing this advanced system, you can effortlessly monitor and manage applicants' progress, saving you time and simplifying the hiring process.
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