Major Recruitment Challenges Faced by Agencies

Major Recruitment Challenges Faced by Agencies

Hiring a candidate for a job can be exhausting and time-consuming. From small to Large organizations, their HR departments also struggle with recruitment challenges. These recruitment challenges make it hard to match the right candidate to the right job. Here recruitment agencies are the savior of the organizations. You may be a part of an agency and need help fulfilling a job role. You might be working for a business to fill vacant positions with talented and relevant candidates.

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While working on vacancies, you may have these questions in mind.

  • What is causing HR recruiters to fall short of expected results?
  • What factors contribute to a time-to-hire that exceeds two months?
  • Why do recruiters invest excessive hours in candidates' search for vacant positions?

You're not alone!?

Surprisingly, 67% of similar agencies need help finding qualified candidates for the jobs they are trying to fill. Even more shocking is that 82% of agencies are experiencing long delays in finding people to fill important positions. In this blog let us uncover the hiring challenges and hear the stories of hardworking individuals trying to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers.

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You may find answers to your What, How, and Why related to the recruitment industry in this blog.

Let us discuss the hidden challenges faced by recruitment agencies and explore possible solutions.

Avoiding the Power of AI

the power of AI, a robotic hand holding a 3D human brain

AI tools have become increasingly popular in the last few years and are capable of solving problems in seconds. And recruitment agencies are neglecting the importance of AI in recruitment process. There are AI-powered resume screening tools available, such as Hiringshop's Application Tracking System (ATS), which can screen thousands of resumes in seconds. ATS is able to extract the most relevant CVs based on skills, experience etc in seconds. Nowadays, recruitment agencies are focusing on quality and quantity at the same time.

How does AI help Recruitment Agencies?

AI shortens the time and removes the time-consuming manual processing in resume screening. Earlier, an HR recruiter at most can scan 100 resumes in 8 working hours but after AI-powered tools were introduced to scan resumes. They hardly took seconds to scan thousands of resumes.

What are the significant challenges an ATS addresses?
  • Share already scanned resumes
  • Improve quality to hire
  • Reduce the cost of hiring
  • Remove unconscious bias
  • Automate screening and followups
  • Auto replies to candidate's questions
  • Advance HR analytics and reporting
  • Have advanced features like
  • Bulk SMS and email
  • AI filtered candidates
  • Insightful and data-driven analytics

Team Training and Mockup Sessions

team training and mockup session, few people belongs to a recruitment agency and doing mockups and training

As soon as a vacancy is landed, team leaders assign it to recruiters, and they start finding resumes in available data banks or on online portals. Recruiters should carefully review the job description to ensure they have a clear understanding of what's required. That way, they can efficiently search the data bank and avoid wasting time. Else will further lead to a waste of time and data. This approach will give you the optimum result because of clarity about the job.

Team leaders ensure that they conduct small training and mockup sessions to give a detailed understanding of the job. Let them understand the job role first before recruiters start the resume screening process. Clarity of job description will enhance their knowledge, and they can answer all the questions of a prospective candidate. This will help bridge the skill and knowledge gap of HR recruiters and let them perform better.

Plan and organize recruitment tasks efficiently.

What are the challenges that HR recruiters face while they are attempting to fill a job?

  • lack of clarity about the job.
  • What are the key elements to look into a resume for that particular job?
  • How to answer questions of a candidate.
  • Lack of soft skills that a leader has.

Data-Driven Recruitment Process

Data-driven recruitment process, image showing recruitment statistics

Every recruitment agency has an extensive database of valuable candidate information. Unfortunately, agencies are not aware of how to process that data and derive meaningful information. Here using available data is the major challenge for recruitment agencies.

One can drive insights to improve results after using the latest data analysis tools on available data. There are a couple of matrices that can be used to monitor the data and plan the tasks efficiently. Cost-per-hire, the average time to hire and quality of hire are some of the matrices that can be calculated with available data and understand the market trend. Use the data for forecasting, and try to dig as much as you can to find out the current talent acquisition and recruitment trend.

This data-driven recruitment process will answer all your questions like:

  • What is the cost of a bad hire?
  • How long it took to hire a candidate?
  • What is the average time that a recruiter should close a position?
  • How much time did a recruiter take in resume screening and submission?

Build Candidate Persona:

build candidate persona, a girl cartoon standing and checking candidate profile and building their persona

Before starting work on a job profile. You should know who is the ideal candidate for the job. Without having a clear understanding of the desired qualifications, skills and traits of a particular role recruiter may struggle to find the ideal candidate. That also leads to a longer time to close the vacancy. That's why you must create a semi-frictional representation of your idea about the ideal candidate. That helps in attracting the right candidate and less passive candidates.

Some key metrics in building a candidate persona include Basic information about their age, position, salary, education, experience, skills, job title, behaviour, channels, personality, communication, preferred language and short-term and long-term goals. Knowing who you're after will give you a better chance of finding the perfect match for your job opening.

After building a candidate persona, here are a couple of other aspects you should consider for your current job vacancy.

  • Competitive salary
  • Good work environment
  • Avoid false commitments.
  • Preferred Location

Prioritize diversity and inclusions

prioritize diversity and inclusions, 3D cartoons from various background standing and showing the concept of diversity and inclusion

Diversity at work helps in broad thinking and honest communication. Lack of diversity leads to a homogeneous work environment and limits the ability to handle a diverse customer base.

A study conducted at Boston consulting group found that workplaces with diverse teams have 19% higher revenue compared to those that do not prioritize diversity. it also helps in employee engagement.&

Diversity improves decision-making ability as people comes from different background and experience. Other minds from different cultures come across and working on the same problem will give higher productivity and better results.

How does diversity in the workplace affect productivity?

A Diverse team can give innovative solutions, creativity and better problem-solving abilities because of diverse cultures.

Less focus on interviewed Candidates

less focus on interview candidate, HR standing in front of a candidate and taking interview; 3d image

Often, the journey of a candidate ends when a candidate gets rejected in the selection process, which may be the first, second, third or fourth round of the interview. Even candidates who crack all the interviews will also forget the name of the HR recruiter and agency name who conducted his interview and helped him throughout the selection process.

Here agencies can take advantage by making a positive relationship and harnessing the talent pool by making timely communication, follow-up, sharing skill enhancement assessments, newsletter, new job updates etc.  

An agency’s actual value lies in filling immediate vacancies and building and nurturing a solid candidate relationship. Remember to focus on the post-interview phase and make it an integral part of the recruitment process. Whether a candidate is selected or not, make a talent pool and build regular communication that will improve the agency's reputation and stronger candidate relationships. This will ultimately enhance branding and referrals.

Nurturing the Candidate Pipeline

nurturing the candidate pipeline, HR and other team members standing and filtering the candidate data and finding the most suitable candidate

Typically, a candidate pipeline consists of a few stages that start with application submission, then resume screening, Call, Assessment test, in-person interview, Selection discussion, Background check, Reference verification, Offer and job acceptance. Proper communication at each hiring stage and feedback from selected or non-selected candidates.

Throughout the process, an agency or HR recruiter can help the candidate share interview and resume preparation tips, provide network access, maintain consistent engagement, provide tailored career guidance, offer post-interview support, and actively network. Agencies can establish themselves as trusted advisors and create a robust talent pool.

By investing in the long-term development of candidates, agencies can position themselves for sustained growth, client satisfaction, and overall recruitment excellence.

Distributing Perks and Benefits

distributing perks and benefits, a little girl is standing and waiting for her perks and gift

Agencies do not focus on distributing perks and benefits to the HR recruiters, who are a significant part of the candidate placement process. HR recruiters serve as the main pillars of any recruitment agency. If they do not feel valued and privileged, it becomes very challenging to attract and retain top talent. Consequently, the entire ecosystem suffers.

Distribution of incentives acknowledges their recruiters' contribution to the agency's success. It helps enhance the work environment and output, fast hiring etc. Ultimately, this practice helps attract and retain talented HR recruiters and contributes to the agency's overall well-being in the recruitment ecosystem.

Candidate Status Tracking

candidate status tracking, an HR representative tracking the status of all interviewed candidates

Poorly managed candidate status tracking will create leakage of the talent pool and impact the branding and a shortage of data in the near future. By implementing an effective tracking system, recruitment agencies can reduce negative candidate experience, leakage of the talent pool, diminished popularity and insufficient and inaccurate data for future decision-making. 

Fortunately, an ATS offered by HiringShop covers all the primary functions and solves all challenges discussed above.


Recruitment agencies are the heroes of the corporate world, but they face challenges in matching suitable candidates for jobs. Adopting tools like AI-powered ATS, automated SMS and email communications, follow-up, etc can streamline resume screening and serve the quantity and quality. 

Addressing these challenges, like lack of automation, poor data management, candidate tracking, less focus on diversity and inclusion, not creating a buyer’s persona, etc., can enhance employee and employer benefits.  It also improves overall productivity, individual growth and effectiveness, enhances the agency’s reputation, and long-term success in the competitive recruitment industry. These above steps help attract the right applicant, improve hiring speed, faster closure, Meetups, avoid job hoppers and serve many more advantages.

Overcoming these challenges empowers agencies to excel in the competitive recruitment landscape.

Posted on 16 Jun 2023
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